Digital Life 0.04 [Picasa Portable]

“Downloading and Using Picasa Portable on your flash drive”

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  1. Begin by downloading the Portable Picasa application from
  2. Once you have saved the file on your flash drive, double click on the “Google Picasa Portable.exe” file.
  3. The installer will ask where to extract the files.  Typically you will want to place these files in the root of your flash drive (this should be the default location), but you may wish to put them inside a "Portable Applications" folder on your flash drive.
  4. When the extraction finishes, open the Google Picasa Portable folder and double click on Picasa3.exe to open Google Picasa.
  5. Next, Navigate to Tools>Options. Under the “General” tab, change the location of the “Save Imported Pictures In” to be a folder on your flash drive where you would like to store your pictures. I would recommend a folder inside of your Dropbox folder so that it will be backed up automatically. Select “Ok”
  6. You can now import pictures off your camera using only your flash drive.


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