Digital Life 0.15 [AMP Font Viewer]

“Using AMP Font Viewer to manage and install fonts from your flash drive”

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  1. Visit and download AMP Font Viewer Portable (Direct Link).  This is the portable version of the application.  If you want to visit the AMP Font Viewer's regular website, click here.
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file to your flash drive.  You may wish to put this application in a "Portable Applications" folder on your flash drive.
  3. Now, double click "FontViewer.exe" to open the application.
  4. With Font Viewer open, click on the "Not Installed Fonts" tab and browse to your flash drive's font folder (If you don't have one, create one and download some fonts to it before completing this step).
  5. Select the font you wish to install and click  the "Install Font Temporarily" button.  This will temporarily add your font to the system as long as Font Viewer stays open.  (You may wish to minimize Font Viewer when done so you don't accidentally close it).
  6. Load as many fonts as you wish, then open InDesign or other applications to use the fonts.  If you already have InDesign or another program open, you will need to close it and re-open it for the font to appear.


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