Digital Life 0.18 [rename for ovr]

“Renaming Files for Object VRs”

  1. Download and install Advanced Renamer Portable (Digital Life Tutorial 0.17)
  2. With Advanced Renamer open, select “Add>Files” (red rectangle below).
  3. Navigate to your files and select them.
    • Note: This should be a sequential list of 72 files for each viewing angle. You may have one or more viewing angles.
    • Note: To create the correct image naming sequence, the files must be named as follows: pos_x0_y0.jpg, pos_x1_y0.jpg, ... pos_x10_y0.jpg, etc.
  4. Next, Click on “Add Method>Replace” (red rectangle below).
  5. Change “Text to be replaced:” to be “_x0”. Then change “Replace with:” to be “_x”.
  6. Click on “Add Method>Replace” again.
  7. Change “Text to be replaced:” to be “_x0”. Then change “Replace with:” to be “_x”. (Yes, do this twice, step 5 & 7).
  8. Click on “Add Method>Add”.
  9. Change “Add:” to be “_y0”. Then change “At Index:” to be “0”. Make sure to also check the box next to “Backwards”
  10. Now click “Start Batch” followed by “Start.” Your files should now match the required naming conventions for the Object VR.

Download .pdf of Digital Life 0.18 [rename for ovr]

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