Digital Life 0.19 [object vr]

“Posting an Object VR to the course website”

  1. Make sure your files match the naming conventions outlined in Digital Life Tutorial 0.18.
  2. Upload your files to a folder within your Public folder in your Dropbox account.
  3. Click on the first file in your folder (It should be pos_x0_y0.jpg). Select the “Copy Public Link” button from the blue toolbar at the top of the page.
  4. Copy the path leading to your file. Do not include the file itself.
    • Note: The path should look like:
  5. Move back to the course website and begin a new post.
  6. Type: [dtfaovr path=”Your Path from Step 4”][/dtfaovr].
  7. Give your post a name and click the “Publish” link. Make sure to view your published post to make sure your Object VR loads.

Download .pdf of Digital Life 0.19 [object vr]

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