Illustrator 3.10 [background texture]

“Using a background texture”

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  1. Vector graphics can have a crisp, often stark appearance. Often you will wish to add some subtle texture to the colored backdrops behind your images. To use a background texture, first Google illustrator background texture and find/download a suitable texture.
  2. Try:
  3. In your Illustrator document, click on the background image on which you would like to apply your texture. (Shown to the right)[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  4. Open the Transparency window by navigating to Window>Transparency. If thumbnails are not visible, click on “Show Thumbnails” in the flyout menu.
  5. Now, from the flyout menu, select “Make Opacity Mask”
  6. The Opacity Mask thumbnail will show up in the Transparency window. Click on it and then navigate to File>Place.
  7. Select your texture and click “Place”
  8. Uncheck the “Clip” check box and adjust the transparency of the opacity mask until it looks as you wish. (See example to the right)[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  9. You may also adjust the size & orientation of the placed texture as you would with any vector object.