Illustrator 3.4 [trimming paths]

“Trimming a Path”

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  1. If you wish to “trim” or remove a segment of a path, first add anchor points using the “Add Anchor Point Tool” from the tool palette on the left at the specific places where you would like to trim the path. (Hereafter these points will be called “trim points”). There must also be an anchor point in between the two anchor points you have just added. If there is not, please add one now.
  2. Once you have added anchor points, use the direct selection tool (white arrow) to select the anchor point in between the two trim points. If there is more than one anchor point between the trim points, select all the anchor points by holding down the shift key.
  3. Press the delete key or backspace key on your keyboard and you will remove the piece of the path you wanted to trim.


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