Illustrator 3.8 [scatter brushes]

“Creating A Custom Scatter Brush”

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  1. Begin by drawing the shape or object you wish to scatter. This can be a combination of multiple object or just one single object.
  2. Select the object or objects and drag them into the brushes window. Illustrator will ask you which type of brush you would like to create. Select “New Scatter Brush”[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  3. You will now see the Scatter Brush Options dialog box with many options. First, give your new brush a name in the name field.
  4. Use the sliders to modify the pattern. Size adjusts the size of the pattern in relation to the original pattern. Spacing adjusts the amount of space between instances of the shape or shapes. Scatter adjusts the distance from the path that the objects will fall and rotation adjusts the amount of rotation that occurs as the path curves. All of these options can be either fixed or random, which naturally changes the appearance of the brush.
  5. You can use the colorization method to select how color will be added (or not added) to your brush when the stroke color changes. If you click the “Tips” button you will get a preview of what each colorization method will do.
  6. Click “ok” to create your brush. You can now select a path and then click your new brush in the Brushes window to assign that brush to your path.


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