InDesign 2.12 [multiple pages]

“Working with pages”

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  1. Begin with a new InDesign document. (File>New Document...)
  2. Select “Facing Pages” in the “New Document” dialog box. This will create a document similar to a book or magazine where there is a page on the left and also one on the right and a spread (containing both pages).
  3. Next, select Window>Pages or click on the pages drawer to the right.
  4. This is your pages window. The upper area (red rectangle) shows your page masters (Typically “A-Master, B-Master, etc.)indesign_pages_window-1
  5. The bottom half of the window shows pages currently in your document (red circle). You can double click on a page to show that page. The active page is highlighted in pale blue.
  6. To create a new page in your document, you can click on the new page icon in the lower right corner of the pages window (shown in blue circle).
  7. If you would like to insert a page, you can do so by right clicking on a page and selecting “Insert Pages” from the context menu.
  8. You can also duplicate a given page by right clicking on the page you wish to duplicate and selecting “Duplicate Page.”
  9. Similarly, you can delete a page by right clicking on it an selecting “Delete Page.”
  10. For any of the above actions, you can also apply them to a spread rather than a single page.