InDesign 2.14 [page numbers, chapters, sections]

“Adding Page Numbers, Chapters, Sections”

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  • Now, navigate to one of your pages and apply the Master page containing the page number marker by right clicking on the page and selecting “Apply Master to Pages...”
  • You will see that the page number marker now displays the current page number.
  • The same can be done for a section marker (just create a new section marker in the same method as above).
  • To establish a section of the document click on the first page of the section, hold down shift on the keyboard and select the last document in the section.
  • Now, select “Numbering & Section Options.”[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  • In the “Numbering & Section Options” dialog box, you can choose to start a new section by clicking the checkbox next to “Start Section.”[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  • You can also choose to start the page numbering on a specific number.
  • You can change the section prefix to match your section name or leave the default “Sec1:”
  • The Style of numbering can change using the drop down menu and you can choose to include the section prefix when numbering.
  • Downloads:

    • InDesign 2.14 [page numbers, chapters, sections]