InDesign 2.2 [place, re-size, crop]

“Placing, Re-sizing, and Cropping Images”

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  1. In an InDesign document, make sure no existing objects are selected by choosing the arrow tool and clicking outside of the document boundary.
  2. Navigate to File>Place... or press ctrl+d (cmd + d on a mac)
  3. The “Place” dialog box will open. From here navigate to the image you would like to add to your document.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  4. Click open. Your cursor will change. Click on the document where you would like to place the new image.
  5. The image you just placed may be larger than you want. To change the size of the image, select the “free transform tool” from the tool palette at the left.
  6. You can now click and drag one of the handles on the image to adjust the size. If you hold down the Shift key while dragging, you will constrain the proportions of the image so as not to distort the image.
  7. If the image you have placed in your document is contains portions you would like to crop out, you can do this by using the arrow tool and dragging one of the handles on the corner of the image (similar to step 6).
  8. Note: You can also create a Frame using the rectangle frame tool and place an image directly into a frame. You can make it fit to frame by selecting Object > Fitting > Fit Content to Frame...
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