InDesign 2.7 [paragraph styles]

“Working With Paragraph Styles”

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  1. After you have typed (or placed) your text, you can set up a paragraph style for individual paragraphs. The advantage of using paragraph styles is that you can re-use your styles for other paragraphs later in your document. Select the paragraph you would like to edit and select the paragraph styles window from the left or select Window > Type and Tables... > Paragraph Styles.
  2. Next create and name a new paragraph style by clicking the new paragraph style button (red circle in image below).[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  3. Double click your new paragraph style to bring up the Paragraph Style Options dialog box.
  4. You can adjust many different options for your paragraph style.
    • Paragraph Rules: Set width, offset, left indent & right indent
    • Justification: Select the type of justification preferred (left, center, right, etc).
    • Drop Caps: Specify the number of lines a drop cap will occupy verticallyand specify the number of characters to be included in the drop cap.
    • Hyphenate: Turn on or off hyphenation in your paragraph & select hyphenation options.
    • Bullets & Numbering: Adjust bullets and numbering options for the paragraph (lists, etc.)[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]


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