Photoshop 1.5 [dodge & burn]

“Dodging and Burning Images”

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Photoshop 1.5 [Dodge & Burn]

  1. Begin by opening Adobe Photoshop. Using the File>Open command, open the photograph you would like to convert to black and white.
  2. The first thing you will want to do is create a new blank layer. You can do this by clicking on the new layer button in the layers palette or by selecting Layer>New>Layer. [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  3. Name the new layer something that is easy to remember like “Dodge & Burn.”
  4. Change the layer mode to “Overlay” (marked in red above) and select the checkbox next to “Fill with Overlay neutral color (50% gray).”
  5. With your Dodge & Burn layer selected, select the dodge tool to selectively lighten the image and the burn tool to selectively darken the image.
  6. With either tool selected, you will need to pick a brush. You can do this by selecting the down arrow next to the “Brush” selector. I typically pick a brush with a hardness of 0% for dodging/burning to fade the effect into the image.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  7. You can also select the Range affected by the dodge/burn tool by selecting shadows, midtones, or highlights.
  8. The exposure percentage refers to the intensity of the dodge/burn. I typically use 30%, but some adjustment could be made for your “eye.”
  9. When you are done, you can save the image using the File>Save As command.


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