Photoshop 1.6 [save for web]

“Reducing File Sizes: Outputting to the web”

Please note: The Save For Web... function has been removed from the Adobe CC suite (Including Photoshop CC), if you are using Adobe CC, you will need to perform a "Save As..." instead of "Save for Web..."

  1. Begin by opening Adobe Photoshop. Using the File>Open command, open the photograph you would like to convert to black and white.
  2. Perform any edits that you plan on doing.
  3. At this state, I generally save a full resolution version of the file I am working with, this is usually in .psd (Photoshop) format.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  4. Now, use File>Save For Web... Under the preset section, Select “JPEGHigh” as the preset.  If you need to edit the dimensions of the picture, you can do so in the “Image Size” section. For most web applications, you will not need to make modifications if the dimensions are less than 3000px.
  5. Click Save and you will be prompted to enter a new file name. Make is something distinguishing (I usually add “_web” to the filename so I know the file size is for posting on the web.”

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