Physical Modeling 6.4 [laser cutting from Illustrator]

“Cutting with the Laser Cutter from Illustrator”

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  1. In preparation for laser cutting, create a new Illustrator file. Under the Advanced options, make sure the color space is “RGB.” (Illustrator 3.17 [CMYK to RGB])  The size of the document should be 24” wide by 12” high.
  2. Select all of the lines to be engraved and maks sure they are pure blue (0,0,255) and then select all of the cut lines and make sure they are pure red (255,0,0). All lines should have a thickness of 0.01 pt.
  3. The top half of the page represents the cutting bed of the laser cutter.Recognize the laser cutter will not do full bleed cuts so there is tupiocally a border of about 3/16” around the 12x24 bed.
  4. Save your work as a .ai file to your flash drive.
  5. In the Laser Cutter room, insert your flash drive and open your Illustrator .ai file.
  6. Prepare the laser cutter by turning on the exhaust fan (labeled “Ex Fan”)
  7. In Illustrator, select File>Print
  8. In the printer window, select VLS350.pc3 as the Printer name. You can also select the default paper size.
  9. Select “Ok” or "Print."
  10. Open the Laser Cutter Software (double click on the UCP icon on the desktop or in the task tray).
  11. You should see your drawing in red and blue lines. If there are any other colored lines (gray/black etc.) return to step 2 and make corrections.
  12. Next, select the Settings button in the lower right.
  13. Choose appropriate settings for your cutting project. You may wish to consult the white binder of sample materials & settings for reference. You may also find that it takes several test cuts to achieve desired results.
  14. Make sure to specify the thickness of your material.
  15. After you have adjusted your settings, click on “Apply” then “Ok” and your settings will be applied to the current cut.


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