Rhinoceros 5.20 [contour]

“Using the contour command”

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  1. You can create a series of contour lines on any NURBS surface in Rhino.
  2. Begin by selecting the surface on which you wish to draw contour lines.
  3. Select Curve>Curve From Objects>Contour (or type “contour” in the command line).
  4. Now select the contour plane base point. This is typically one of the bottom corners of the NURBS surface.
  5. Next, select the direction perpendicular to the contour points.
    • Note: For contours running parallel to the x-axis, select a point on the y-axis. For contours running parallel to the y-axis, select a point on the z-axis. For contours running vertical, switch views to the right or front and select a point along the z-axis.
  6. Now you will need to select the distance between contours. You can select this value on screen or you can type in the interval of the contour.
  7. Hit enter/return and Rhinoceros will generate new contours based on your surface.
    • Note: While the contours are still selected, I recommend changing them to a new layer by right clicking on the new layer and selecting “Change Object Layer”.


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