Rhino 5.21 [Loft]

“Using the Loft command”

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  1. In a new or existing Rhinoceros model, select two curves that you wish to use to create a surface.
  2. Select Surface>Loft or type “loft” into the command line.
  3. The Loft Options dialog box will appear. You can adjust a variety of options.
    • Style: The Style drop down menu allows you to specify a style of loft. Generally the default “Normal” is fine, but on some occasions you may wish to specify tight or loose depending on the original curves. If you want to insure the surface is developable (unrollable) select the developable option (this will usually create a triangulated surface). Note: In Rhinoceros, you can usually unroll any loft as long as it is a single ruled surface (a loft between only two curves).
    • Align Curves: This option allows you to switch the direction of the loft (by default it is the direction you drew the lines from start to end. If you get a surface that twists over on itself, this is the way you would fix the surface. Simply click on the start of each curve and watch the loft change until you are satisfied. Hit enter/return when done.
    • Simplify & Rebuild: Generally do not simplify will give you a nice smooth surface. Occasionally, you will want to have more sections in the curve and if you rebuild with a given number of control points you can achieve a more accurate surface. [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]


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  1. Thanks that helped! I came across an .obj file with meshes. I imported it in Rhino and did meshtonurbs but when I hit contour to develop beams on the surface; all my curves were broken. I tried mergeallfaces and blend srf even gave weld a shot but nothing seems to work. I have seen someone called Josh having similar problems but the solution wasn’t there. Is there a simpler way out of this?

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