Rhino 5.22 [Unrollsrf]

“Using the UnrollSrf command”

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  1. If you have a developable surface in Rhino, you can unroll that surface to form a flattened shape (that can ultimately be laser cut and used in a physical model). A developable surface is simply a surface where a line can be used to connect both sides of the surface (i.e. a ruled surface). Double curvature cannot occur in a developable surface.
  2. With the surface selected type “unrollsrf” or select Surface>Unroll Developable Srf.
  3. Rhino will ask you to “Select Curves on Polysurface to Unroll.” This is optional though often helps with the orientation of the unrolled surface. Simply click on one (or more) curve(s)/edge(s) of the surface and that curve will be unrolled along with the surface.
  4. You may also find it useful to explode the surfaces (Change Explode to yes) and Label the surfaces for reassembly later.


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