Rhino 5.24 [curve networks]

“Creating a surface from a curve network”

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  1. Begin with a set of curves that define the surface you wish to create. These can be curves that are drawn by you or curves generated from a mesh.
  2. In order to create a surface from a curve network, the resultant surface must be contained by curves. Switch your drawing to an appropriate view and ensure that the resultant surface has containing curves. For example, on a piece of topography, switch your view to the top and use the trim command to ensure that no contours stick out as open curves (your curves should look like the image below). [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  3. Select all of the curves and select Surface>Curve Network (you can also type networksrf).
  4. The Surface from Curve Network dialog box will appear. The first set of options deal with Tolerances along both edge curves and interior curves. Generally the default values will be fine. You can also edit the Edge Matching options in this dialog box. Changing the Edge Matching option from Position to Loose generally results in a less complex surface and can be desirable. Click “Ok” to finish the command.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  5. You will now have a NURBS surface that was generated from your curve network. Remember, you can also rebuild the surface using the “rebuild” command to add/remove complexity & smoothness (Rhinoceros 5.19 [rebuild]).


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