Rhino 5.25 [Section]

“Creating a Section Drawing from a 3D model using the Section command”

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  1. Begin by opening a model through which you wish to create a section cut.
  2. Select Curve>Curve From Objects>Section or type section.
  3. Now select all of the objects you want to cut (this will not actually cut the objects, but rather create curves (lines) where the section plane intersects the 3D objects). Press Enter/Return when done.
  4. You now need to specify the start of the section. It is often helpful to switch to top view to create this start point.
  5. Continue and select the end point of the section. Once you have clicked the end point, Rhinoceros will draw lines where the section plane intersects the building. Hit Enter/Return when you are done to finalize the lines.
  6. While the lines are still selected (yellow) change their object layer to a new layer with the label of “Section __” (give it a letter designation in the __).
  7. Now turn all of the layers off except for your new Section __ layer.
  8. Use the Transform>Rotate3-D command (type rotate3d into command line) to rotate the lines flat to the ground plane (Rhinoceros 5.6 [rotate3d]).
  9. You can export your section to another program by selecting the objects and choosing File>Export Selected.
  10. Give the file a new name and select the desired file extension (usually AutoCAD .dwg) and click “Save”
  11. Choose “2004 Lines” as the Export Scheme and click “Ok”


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