Rhinoceros 5.26 [SectionTools]

“Using the SectionTools.rhp Plugin to create sections”

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  1. Begin by downloading the SectionTools.rhp from the McNeel Wiki Labs (The makers of Rhinoceros) at http://wiki.mcneel.com/labs/sectiontools
  2. Locate the .rhi file that you downloaded.  (It should be named something like "SectionToolsInstaller_December_20_2013.rhi")
  3. Double click the file.  Follow the prompts to install the plugin.
  4. Open or restart Rhino.
  5. You should see a menu item listed for "SectionTools"
  6. If you want to load the toolbar, download it from the McNeel Wiki Labs page (see link above).
  7. Navigate to Tools>Toolbar Layout...
  8. Select File>Open from the menu within the Rhino Options dialog box and navigate to the SectionTools toolbar that you downloaded in step 6.
  9. To create a simple section, type “stcreate” into the command line.
  10. Now select the objects to section. (You can simply press enter to select all visible objects).
  11. There are a variety of options available with this command, looking at your command line for guidance, you can adjust...
    • Dir (X-Axis, Y-Axis, Pick): This option allows you to pick the direction of the section cut. (“X-Axis” will create a section cut parallel to the X-Axis, “Y-Axis” will create a section cut parallel to the Y-Axis and “Pick” allows you to specify on screen the direction of the section cut.)
    • Replace: If “Yes,” this will overwrite a section with the same name.
    • Name: Sets the prefix used for section names. The default is “SEC.”
    • Load From File: Allows you to load an external file with the section cuts. (This is an advanced feature and will not be covered in depth here. Refer to Section Tools documentation online for more information.)
    • Solid Mode (None, Surfaces, Hatch): This allows you to fill the cut areas of the section with a hatch or a surface. If you select hatch, you can then specify the hatch type, rotation and scale using (HPattern, HRotation, & HScale). If you select surfaces, SectionTools will create surfaces where the section cut occurs. Remember, all lines, hatches & surfaces created by SectionTools will be on the section’s corresponding layer.
    • Attributes (ByObject, ByDisplay): This allows you to assign attributes to the objects created by SectionTools. The default is ByDisplay which will match the shown properties of the display on the newly created objects. If ByObject is selected, SectionTools will match the object properties of the objects being cut through.
  12. You will be invited to place a section. You will see a large section line with arrows indicating the direction of the section. If you want to switch this direction, type “F” to flip the direction.
  13. Once you have placed the section, press enter to finish the command. The section lines drawn by the plugin automatically fall on a new layer.
  14. To view the sectional view of your model, navigate to the front, back, right, or left view and type “stview” into the command line.
  15. Click on list or type list and select the section you wish to view and click “ok.” You may be prompted to enter the name of the viewport in which you wish to show the section view. If so, just type the name of the view (usually front, back, right, or left). You will now see the section of your building (with all the surfaces and lines that are behind the section cut.
  16. To clear all views, type “stClearAllViews” into the command line.


The steps below are for Rhino 4: (If you have a newer version of Rhino, please follow the steps above.

    1. Begin by downloading the SectionTools.rhp from the McNeel Wiki Labs (The makers of Rhinoceros)
  1. Now, open your 3D model in Rhinoceros.
  2. Navigate to Tools>Options and choose Plugins from the list on the left. [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  3. Click on the Install button and navigate to the SectionTools.rhp file. Once you have installed the program, click ok to exit the Options window.

Download .pdf of Rhinoceros Tutorial 5.26

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