Rhinoceros 5.27 [Viewports]

“Working with viewports”

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  1. By now, you are familiar with Rhinoceros’s default viewports, Front, Right, Top & Perspective.
  2. You can Maximize any one viewport by double clicking on the viewport name. You can Restore your viewport by double clicking again. [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  3. If you right click on a viewport, you can change a variety of options in the viewport.
    • You can Maximize or Restore the viewport (same as #2 above).
    • You can select the display style (Wireframe shows just wires for objects, Shaded shows surfaces, etc.)
    • You can Pan, Zoom and Rotate the viewport.
    • You can Set View to a number of pre-defined views (See Rhinoceros 5.28 [saved views] for how to create custom views).
    • You can set the CPlane or the working plane for a particular view which can make it easier to draw in that given viewport.
    • You can set the camera to a variety of angles (Refer to Rhinoceros 5.29 [cameras] for more information).
    • You can add a background image (bitmap)
    • You can adjust grid options
    • You can capture the given viewport to the clipboard or to a file (like printing to a image file).
    • You can adjust various properties including the display options and viewport properties.


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