Rhinoceros 5.28 [Saved Views]

“Creating & Saving Custom Views (& Viewports)”

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  1. With a viewport maximized (double click on the viewport name).
  2. Spend some time adjusting the view to be one that you wish to save and be able to return to later in the modeling process. This is also a great way to save sectional views of your model (See Rhino 5.26 [sectiontools.rhp]).
  3. Once you have the view you want, right click on the viewport name and navigate to Set View>Named Views.
  4. In the Named Views dialog box (shown below), click “Save” and give your new viewport a name. The new name will appear in the list below “Saved view names.” [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  5. Click “Close” to finish. You will notice the name of the active viewport will change to your saved view.
  6. You can work in the existing view and return to that saved view at any time by right clicking on the viewport name and navigating to Set View>Your View Name.
  7. You can create as many saved views as you want. When you get to final renderings, I recommend setting up saved views for each rendering you plan to perform as there will always be corrections to make and you will want to be able to return to the exact view and re-render later once corrections have been made.


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