Rhino 5.29 [Cameras]

“Working with Cameras"

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  1. With a given viewport maximized, right click on the viewport name and select Set Camera. The context menu below will appear with a variety of options. [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
    • CPlane: Adjusting the camera to a new CPlane will change the camera to look perpendicular to the selected CPlane. This can, for example, result in a perspective elevation view or a perspective section view of your model.
    • Place Target: This option allows you to pick a point on your object and focus the center of the camera’s view on that particular point.
    • Place Camera and Target: Similar to the place target option only this allows you to place the camera as well as the target. You will place the camera first, followed by the target.
    • Move Target to Objects: This allows you to move the target of the camera to the center of an object or multiple objects.
    • Orient Camera to Surface: This option changes the orientation of the camera to be perpendicular to a particular surface. You will look directly at that surface when selecting this option.
    • Match Wallpaper Image: Allows you to match a particular wallpaper image from another viewport.
    • Turntable: Allows you to slowly rotate a particular object on the screen. This can be useful for projected presentations (from a computer).
    • Show Camera: Selecting this option in one view will make the camera appear in any other view. The camera can then be manipulated in the other views as necessary.
    • Tilt View, Rotate Camera, Adjust Lens Length, Dolly: These are options for adjusting the camera itself. You may adjust them as necessary.


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