Rhinoceros 5.35 [make2d]

“Using the Make2D command”

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  1. Open a Rhinoceros model from which you would like to create a line perspective drawing.
  2. Navigate to a saved view (Rhinoceros 5.28 [saved views]) or create/revise the current perspective view to match the final 2D perspective line drawing you would like to create.
  3. Now type “make2d” into the command line.
  4. Rhino will ask for you to “Select Objects to Draw.” Type “All” for all and hit enter. Hit enter again to confirm.
  5. The Make2D Drawing Options Dialog box will appear. To create a line drawing of the current perspective view, select “Current View.” [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  6. If you would like 4 views that match typical USA orthogonal projections, select “4 View.” (This will result in Top, Front, Right Side & Perspective 2D views.)
  7. You can elect to show hidden lines, tangent edges and to maintain source layers (if you want your new 2D drawing to be on the same layer as the 3D objects. (I don’t recommend this!)
  8. The last set of options lets you specify the layer on which Rhinoceros will place the new objects.
  9. Click “Ok” to create your 2D line drawing. You will likely need to switch to top view to see your new objects.
  10. If you would like, with the new objects still selected. Choose File>Export Selected to create an AutoCAD drawing of the objects. (This can be read by both Illustrator and AutoCAD)
    • Note: If you have trouble creating a good make 2D, it is possible that you need to set your tolerance in your Rhino file.  Navigate to Tools>Options and select the Units Tab.  Change the Absolute, Relative, and Angle tolerances to be 1/1000 of their current value.  This is generally not necessary, but something I've encountered on occasion.  Please don't change the tolerance unless you run into this specific problem. 


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