Rhino 5.4 [osnap]

“Working with Osnap”

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  1. Begin with a new or existing Rhinoceros model.
  2. Click on the Osnap button at the bottom of the page to turn on object snap. The persistent object snap toolbar should appear. (Hint: It may appear to the right of your command line. If this happens, simply drag it above the command line and you will see all of the options. If nothing happens, you may need to minimize/maximize your window.)[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  3. With the persistent Osnap toolbar showing, you can select various object snap settings. Each setting is described below.
    • End: Snaps to the endpoints of a given polyline/curve segment.
    • Near: Snaps near to where the cursor touches a polyline/curve.
    • Point: Snaps to a point or control point.
    • Mid: Snaps to the midpoints of a given polyline/curve segment.
    • Cen: Snaps to the center of a circle/arc/curve.
    • Int: Snaps to the intersection of two polylines/curves.
    • Perp: Snaps to a point perpendicular to polyline the cursor is resting on.
    • Tan: Snaps to a point on a circle/curve that is tangent to that circle/curve.
    • Quad: Snaps to the quadrants of a circle
    • Knot: Snaps to a knot on a given curve.
    • Project: Snaps to a point projected from the object to the construction plane
    • STrack: “Smart Track” creates temporary reference points/lines to make modeling easier
    • Disable: Turns off all persistent object snaps.


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