Rhinoceros 5.5 [polylines]

“Working with the Polyline Tool”

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  1. Begin with a new or existing Rhinoceros model.
  2. Select the Polyline tool from the toolbar or type “polyline” into the command line.R4 - Polyline
  3. Next, select the starting point of your line. You can do this manually, or you can enter absolute coordinates (0,0 for example). You can start in 3D space by typing a Z coordinate as well (0,0,0).
  4. Select the next point of the polyline. If you are finished, you can hit return on the keyboard or you can continue with another polyline segment.
  5. To close your shape after you have selected your last point, you can type “C” for close and a line segment from your last point to your first point will close the shape you have drawn.


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