Rhino Tutorial 5.9 [trim]

“Working with the Trim command”

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  1. Begin with a new or existing Rhinoceros model.
  2. You will need two objects to perform a trim, one is the cutting object and the other is the object to be trimmed.
  3. Start by selecting Edit>Trim (type “trim” into the command line).[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  4. You will be asked to select cutting objects. This is the object that you want to use to cut another object or group of objects. You can elect to type “all” to select all objects, or you can be specific and only select one (or a small number) of particular objects. Hit enter/return when done.
  5. Now, you can click on the object you want to trim. You may need to do some orbiting/panning to get a good view of the object you wish to trim.
    • Hint: If the object is being stubborn, consider drawing polylines on the surfaces you wish to trim, sometimes this will help you develop a clean cutting object and will aid in the trimming process.


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