SketchUp 4.5 [scenes]

“Setting up Scenes in SketchUp”

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  1. With SketchUp open, use the orbit tool and view menu to establish the desired view for your project.
  2. Follow SketchUp 4.3 to set up a time of day and date. Please turn shadows on by navigating to View>Shadows if they are not already shown.
  3. Open Window>Styles and select a style appropriate for your view. You can edit this style later, but it will give you a starting place for creating the scene. You may wish to reference SketchUp 4.4 for Photoshop/Illustrator collage settings.
  4. Now navigate to Window>Scenes. Click the + sign to create a new scene. You can also click the details button at the far right and select “Add Scene” from the context menu.
  5. Click on the Show Details button (second from the right) and give your new Scene a memorable and descriptive name.
  6. You can repeat this process and set up several scenes. To jump to each view, simply double click on the scene and SketchUp will take you back to that view.


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