SketchUp 4.6 [Kerkythea Renderings]

“Exporting and Rendering in Kerkythea”

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  1. With a scene setup in SketchUp, choose Plugins>Kerkhtyea Exporter>Export Models.
  2. In the Export Options window (shown right), make sure “Clay” is turned to “yes.” Other options can be left as default.
  3. After exporting the file, SketchUp will ask if you would like to open Kerkythea, click “Yes.”
  4. With Kerkythea open, and your file loaded, navigate to View>Adjust>Solid Rendering. This will change your model to solid.
  5. You may wish to select some/all materials on the left and assign Kerkythea materials in place of SketchUp materials. To do this, simply right-click on the material and select “Apply Material” followed by the appropriate material. For an all white model, try “Plastic”
  6. Next navigate to Settings>Sun and Sky... Specify the location of your model (the time should come from SketchUp) and click “Next.” Choose “Sky Color” as the “Sky Type.” Click on the ”Map/Color” region and change the color to white. Click “Finish” when done.
  7. Now navitate to Settings>Scene... and change “Attenuation” to “Inverse.”
  8. Select Render>Start. In the Camera and Settings window that pops up, set “07. PhotonMap - High” under “Settings.” “Threads” should be set to the maximum value available. Network should be set to “No Networking.” Select “Ok” and your rendering will occur in the background.
  9. Navigate to Window>Rendered Image. In the Rendered Image window, click the “Save” button and name your rendered file.


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