V-Ray 8.1 [global switches]

"Global Switches"

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  1. With Rhino open navigate to Render>Current Renderer> V-Ray for Rhino to select V-Ray as your current Rhino Renderer.
  2. You will notice the V-Ray tool bar appear as well as the V-Ray menu.
  3. Navigate to V-Ray>Options or click the Options button from the V-Ray toolbar (Shown below in red).[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  4. In the options window, expand “Global Switches.” Please make the changes outlined below: [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]

    • Uncheck “Default Lights” You can leave this on when you don’t have any lights in your rendering to get generic lighting conditions. You cannot edit these default lights. You should make sure to uncheck this box when you add your own lights to a scene.
    • Uncheck  “Show GI Only” Use this setting only if you want ambient, universal light in your final rendering. Once you add other lights, you will likely want to turn this option off.
    • Uncheck “Hidden Lights” If you choose to hide a light, you will want this box unchecked if you don’t want the light to be rendered in the scene even if it is hidden.
    • Check “Low Thread Priority” Keeps V-Ray from crashing other programs on the computer (hopefully).
  5. In the options window, expand “Environment.” Please make the changes outlined below:
    • Check “GI (Skylight)” Please click on the color next to “GI (Skylight) and type in R250, G252 & B255 to set the environment color.
    • Check “Background” This assigns the background color of the rendering. Change as necessary.  (Often white is a good background color)
  6. In the options window, expand “Indirect Illumination” Please make the changes outlined below:
    • Check “On” This turns Indirect Illumination on.


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