V-Ray 8.13 [object vr renderings]

“Creating Object VR Renderings”

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  1. Establish a saved perspective view of your object at the desired angle of reference. Save this view as a Named View.
  2. Note: If you select your objects and type z (for zoom) then enter followed by s (for selected) then enter, you will center your view on your object, which will result in a better Object VR.
  3. Right click on the tool bar space at the top of the Rhino window and place a check mark next to “default.Animation.” This will bring up the animation toolbar.
  4. Click on the “Setup” button in the Animation toolbar. This will bring up the Setup Animation toolbar.
  5. Click on “360 degree Turntable Animation” and set the following options in the command line:
    • Number of Frames: 72
    • Direction: Clockwise
    • File Type: .jpg
    • Frame Capture Method: RenderFull
    • Viewport Name To Render: The name of the viewport saved in step 1.
    • Animation Sequence Name: pos_x
  6. Now return to the Animation toolbar and choose the “Record Animation” button. Choose a location to save your files (on your flash drive) and select “Ok”
  7. Rhino will now render a sequential set of views following the rotation set in step 4. This can take some time.
  8. To view these files online, please follow Digital Life 0.17[install advanced renamer], Digital Life 0.18 [rename for ovr], and Digital Life 0.19 [object vr]


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