V-Ray 8.15 [emissive material]

“Creating An Emissive Material”

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  1. In a Rhinoceros document, open the V-Ray Material editor.
  2. Create a new material by right clicking on “Scene Materials” and navigating to Add material>Add VRayMtl.
  3. Rename your new material.
  4. Right click on “Emissive Layers” in the Material Workspace and select “Add New layer”
  5. Set the Color to White and the Transparency color to Black. The intensity value should be 1 (you may need to increase this when using a physical camera).
  6. To mimic an incandescent light bulb, try the following settings:
    • Emissive Color: R200, G161, B82
    • Emissive Transparency: R100, G100, B100
    • Diffuse Color: R155, G155, B155
    • Diffuse Transparency: R0, G0, B0
  7. Apply your new material to the desired object and render.


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