V-Ray 8.2 [assigning materials]

“Assigning Materials”

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  1. Select the object(s) on which you wish to place materials. If you want to assign materials to a layer, skip to step 4.
  2. Select Material button in the Properties Panel (Panels>Object Properties) and select “assign material by object,” then click the checkbox for “Plug-in.”
  3. Click the browse button below and choose “Default_VRay_Material” (or another material listed) from the dialog box and click “Apply.”
    • Now that the material has been applied to the object, the edit button appears in the material window. Click this button.
    • This opens the V-Ray Material Editor window.
    • Click on “Diffuse” to expand the Diffuse options. You can click on the box to assign a basic color to the material. You can also adjust the color transparency, black is completely opaque and white is completely transparent.
  4. If you wish to assign materials to a whole layer, navigate to the layer panel (Panels>Layers). Now click on the circle next to the layer color.  [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  5. In the dialog box that appears, check the box for “Plug-in” (look on the lower left) and then click the “Browse” button. Pick the desired material from the dropdown list that appears. [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]


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