V-Ray 8.20 [viewport lens length]

“Adjusting the focal (lens) length of the viewport camera”

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  1. With your desired viewport active and no objects selected, type properties into the command line to bring up the Properties window.
  2. In the camera sub-section, change the lens length to the desired focal length. A wide-angle lens is typically 18 to 28. A standard lens is 35 to 50 and a telephoto lens is 80 and above.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
    • Note: You can manually place the target for the camera by clicking on the place button and specifying the target on-screen. You can also type in a numeric value for the X, Y & Z target locations.
    • Note: In the properties window, you can also specify a particular height and width for your viewport as well as if the viewport uses a perspective or parallel projection method.


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