V-Ray 8.21 [toonMtl]

“Creating a toonMtl to render shape outlines”

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  • Next, right click on “Scene Materials” and select Add>ToonMtl or Toon. Rename this material to “Outline.”
  • Change the Base Material to “White Base.” There are additional options for toonMtls.
      • Line Color: Changes the line color for the outlines
      • Line Width: Changes the line width of the outlines.
      • Opacity: Adjusts the opacity of each line. (1.0 is opaque, 0.0 is transparent)
      • Distortion: This adjusts the thickness of lines around an object. (0.0 is uniform around the object, 1.0 weights the lines around an object down and to the right)
      • Silhouette Multiplier: Makes the outside edges of objects darker than interior edges. You can adjust the difference between interior and exterior line thickenesses using the multiplier value. The default value is 1.5. You must check the box to enable this option.
      • Divide By Distance: This makes objects closer to the camera have darker outlines and objects farther away have lighter outlines. This overrides the line width option above. You must check the box to enable this option.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]


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