V-Ray 8.22 [C-Thru]

“Creating a material transparent to the viewer, but opaque to sunlight (C-Thru)”

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  1. In a Rhinoceros document, open the V-Ray material editor.
  2. Create a new Standard V-Ray material. In the Diffuse drawer, change the Color to Black and the Transparency to White. Rename this material to “C-Thru.”
  3. Right click on the C-Thru layer and create a new Refraction Layer. In the refraction drawer, make sure the Color is White and the Transparency is White.
    • Note:  For users of V-Ray 1.1, you should set the Refraction transparency to Black.
  4. Please also ensure the IOR is set to 1.0 rather than 1.55. Once you change this value you can update the preview image and you will see the sphere disappear.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]


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