V-Ray 8.23 [Rendered Wireframes]

“Rendering a wireframe in V-Ray”

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Please Note:  This strategy is no longer supported in V-Ray 1.5 and above.  Please consider using the make2d command instead.

  1. In a Rhinoceros document, open the V-Ray material editor.
  2. Create a V-Ray “Outline” material (V-Ray Tutorial 8.21). Rename the material to be “Outline_Wireframe”
  3. Create a V-Ray “C-Thru” material (V-Ray Tutorial 8.21)
  4. In the “Outline_Wireframe” material change the Base material to be “C-Thru.”
  5. Now select all objects in the scene (except for the infinite plane) and assign this new “Outline_Wireframe” material. Render the scene.
  6. Before de-selecting the objects in the scene, navigate to the Properties window and select Materials (or type propertiespage in the command line and select materials). In this window, change the object materials back to “By Layer”
    • Note: This works only if you have assigned your materials by layer, which I recommend.
    • Note 2: If you get rendered results with dark silhouettes on the ground plane, move the infinite plane vertically -0.25”. This will eliminate those dark splotches.VR - Wireframe Example 01


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