V-Ray 8.26 [HDRI + Sunlight]

“Matching a Sunlight System to an HDRI environment”

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  1. In a Rhinoceros document, follow V-Ray 8.17 to create a sunlight system. Make sure your sun is on its own layer.
  2. In the middle of your scene, place a large sphere (on its own layer). Assign the sphere a chrome material. (There is a good default chrome material in the V-Ray Materials Library).
  3. Making sure the infinite plane stays on, turn off all other objects/layers so you have just the sphere from step 2 and the inifinite plane.
  4. Render your scene. In the resulting image, look at the sphere for the reflection of the sun.
  5. Once you have found the sun in your image, navigate to the Environment Drawer of your V-Ray options window. Click on the “m” next to Background and adjust the horizonal value (counter-clockwise in degrees) to match the location of the sun in the sphere.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]


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