V-Ray 8.28 [terrain texture]

“Harvesting Terrain Texture from SketchUp Terrain”

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  1. Follow Rhino 5.23 [SketchUp Terrain] to bring a SketchUp 7 terrain file into Rhino.
  2. With the SketchUp terrain mesh selected, navigate to the properties pane (propertiespage then materials) and select the Materials tab. (Red rectangle to the below) [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  3. With the “Google Earth Snapshot” as the selected material, look under the Textures section and click on the name next to the check mark for “Color.” (Shown as blue rectangle to the above).
  4. In the Editing window that appears, click on the wrench icon next to the texture path at the top of the window. Select “Save As Image...” from the context menu that appears and save a .jpg (2048x2048 minimum) of the satellite image.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  5. Now navigate to the V-Ray material editor and right click on Scene Materials. Select Create Material>Standard. In the Diffuse tab, click on the “m” next to Color and change the type to “TexBitmap” and navigate to the file you saved in step 4.
  6. Apply this new site material to your surface. Note: You may need to adjust the texture mapping on your surface. You can use a planar mapping (use bounding box). If you choose to view as “Rendered” you will be able to see the satellite image on your terrain.