V-Ray 8.31 [z-depth]

Creating a custom Z-Depth channel for a specific view

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  1. Navigate to your saved view for rendering.  If you don't yet have a saved view, please consult Rhino 5.28 [saved views] to create one.
  2. Show the camera for the saved view.  (Right-click on the saved viewport's name and choose "Show Camera" from the context menu)
  3. Navigate to another view so that you can see the camera.  In the example below, I'm looking at the top view.
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  4. Type distance into the command line and measure the distance from the camera to the closest object in the rendered scene.  Make a note of this distance, you will need it later.  For more information about cameras, consult Rhino 5.29 [cameras].
  5. Next, use the distance command again to measure from the camera to the furthest object in your rendering that you would like to have in focus.  In the image above, I chose the back of the building.
  6. Open the VFB Channel drawer in the V-Ray Options dialog box.  Confirm that Z-Depth is selected as one of the VFB channels.
  7. In the Z-Depth "Black" value box, enter the measurement you found in step 4 above.  In the Z-Depth "White" value box, enter the measurement from step 5 above.
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  8. Make sure "clamp" and "set from camera" are unchecked.
  9. Perform your rendering and save all VFB Channels.
    • Note:  You will need to adjust these values for each rendering you perform as the distances from the camera to foreground and background objects will vary depending on the camera/rendering viewport.
  10. Follow Photoshop 1.25 [z-depth] to adjust the focal length of your final renderings.