V-Ray 8.5 [infinite plane]

“V-Ray Infinite Plane”

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  1. For some renderings, you will wish to have an infinite ground plane running under your objects. To create one in V-Ray, select the infinite plane button shown in red below.
  2. V-Ray will create an infinite plane below your work at z=0.
    • Note: You can manipulate the infinite plane just like any object in Rhino. If you want to raise or lower it from z=0, use the move command, type v for vertical, and then type a distance to move the infinite plane.
    • Note: You can assign a material to the infinite plane. The material can have a bump and transparency map, but the material cannot have a displacement map.
    • Note: Often you will want to have your infinite plane on its own layer so that you can lock it in place (click the lock icon next to the layer name in the Layers panel) and keep it from being selected accidentally while you work.


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  1. Your infinite plane may be hidden (type show then all) or it may be located far away from your object. The IP is only a small rectangle in the model that expands when you render. It’s hard to give more advice without seeing your file/model.

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