V-Ray 8.6 [diffuse map]

“Assigning Texture Maps to Materials”

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V-Ray Version 3.6:

  1. Navigate to the  V-Ray Asset Editor (V-Ray>Asset Editor...) or click the Asset Editor button from the V-Ray toolbar.
  2. Follow V-Ray 8.3 [basic materials] to create a new material.  Rename the new "Generic" material to correspond with the material you will be creating.
  3. Select this material and open the right drawer to see details about the material.
  4. In the Diffuse section, look for  "Diffuse Color"  and choose the checkerboard pattern next to it.  Select "Bitmap" from the list that appears on the left.[Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  5. Navigate to your basic texture (this is likely a photograph that will tile horizontally and vertically). [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  6. Click "Back" when you are done. (You can adjust other settings like the U/V repeat, but generally the default options are fine here.
  7. Apply your new material to an object by following V-Ray 8.2 [assigning materials].
    • Note: You may wish to assign a specific mapping to an individual object, Please follow V-Ray 8.10 [mapping] to create specific mapping for your object.

V-Ray Version 1.5:

  1. Open the Material Editor and create a new material by right clicking on “Scene Materials” in the Materials Workspace and selecting Add material>Add VRayMtl
  2. Rename the new material to match the texture map you are going to use. (For example, wire screen, flooring, shingles, etc.)
  3. In the Diffuse drawer, click on the “m” button next to “Color.” (Shown below as a red square). This will bring up the V-Ray Texture Editor.
  4. In the V-Ray Texture Editor, select “Bitmap” as the type (green rectangle below). 
  5. In the “Bitmap” section, click the “m” button (orange rectangle above) and navigate to your basic texture. Select “Open” when you have finished.
  6. You can now adjust the number of times your texture will tile across an object by editing the u & v “repeat” values. The rest of the default options are fine.
  7. Select the object on which you wish this material to appear then right click on the material name in the Material Workspace of the Material Editor and select “Apply material to objects.”
    • Note: You may wish to assign a specific mapping to an individual object, Please follow V-Ray 8.10 [mapping] to create specific mapping.


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