Vectorworks 7.3 [walls]

“Working with the wall tool” 

  1. Begin by opening Vectorworks. Select the layer where you would like to draw your walls (Probably the “Mod-Floor1” layer) from the drop down layers list in the view bar).
  2. Now, select the Building Shell category in the Tool Sets palette. You will see the tools for creating straight and round walls, doors, windows, etc.
  3. Select the Wall tool.
  4. In the tool bar at the top of the drawing area, you will see several options for drawing the wall. These buttons control where the wall begins in relation to the point where you click on the drawing. You can change these options before drawing any segment of the wall.
  5. Before you actually draw the wall, however, you should choose the type of wall from the wall style drop down menu. There are a variety of wall types that mimic actual construction methods for your building. Pick the one that most closely resembles the building you are trying to draw.
  6. Click on the first point of you wall. Move the mouse in the direction you wish to create a wall and click on the next corner of your wall. Double click when you have finished creating your wall or wall segments. If you would like to manually enter the length of the wall, use the number keys at the top of the keyboard to type in the feet followed by inches (5’0” for example). Do not use the number keypad as you will change views rather than specify length.
  7. Walls that intersect should join by default. If the wall styles are different, the walls will still join, but the continuous wall will maintain its style and the joining wall will keep its style.
  8. If two walls are close, but not joined, you can use the Wall Join command and select the end point of one wall and click the wall you wish to join with and Vectorworks will make the join. Make sure to look at the wall tool bar and select the type of join you wish to perform!

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