Vectorworks 7.5 [roofs]

“Creating a roof”

  1. In your Vectorworks file, after you have built a set of walls and a floor, you can easily create a simple roof.
  2. Begin by selecting the walls that completely contain your building or select/create a polygon that represents the area of the roof. (You can use the AEC>Create Polys from Walls command or draw the 2D polygon yourself).
  3. With one of the above selected choose AEC>Create Roof...
  4. The Create Roof dialog box will open presenting you with several options.
  5. Type in the basic parameters of the roof an outline of the parameters appears below. Click “Ok” when finished.
    • Eave Profile: Changes the type/look of the eave.
    • Thickness: The overall thickness of the roof assembly.
    • Bearing Inset: The depth of the birdsmouth cutout in the rafter (usually the thickness of the wall framing member.
    • Roof Pitch: This is the degree of the roof above horizontal or they rise and run of the roof separated by a colon (ex: 6:12)
    • Bearing Height: The height of the bearing member, usually the wall.
    • Eave Height: Specifies the height of the eave.
    • Eave Overhang: Adjusts the depth of the eave’s overhang
    • Layer: Choose the layer you want for the roof.

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