Vectorworks 7.6 [doors & windows]

“Adding doors & windows”

  1. In your Vectorworks file, after you have built a set of walls, you can easily add doors and windows.
  2. Select the Building Shell category in the Tool Sets palette. You will see the tools for creating straight and round walls, doors, windows, etc.
  3. Select the Door tool.
  4. Move your mouse over a wall and you will see the door insertion tool. Click on the wall where you would like to enter your door.
  5. Next, move the mouse on the side of the wall where you would like the door to swing and then from side to side to determine the hinge side. When you are done, click your mouse.
  6. The door settings dialog box will open.
  7. The General tab controls options that include basic height & width. You can also choose the top shape, the Offset in Wall, the Configuration (type of door swing) and the Operation (how the door operates, specifically with multiple doors).
  8. The Parts tab offers a variety of specific options relating to the trim, the jambs, the panel type, the lintel, side lights, transom, and threshold.
  9. The remaining tabs offer other options, but are less frequently used.
  10. Inserting windows is similar to doors, just select the window tool from the Building Shell Tool Set.

 Download .pdf of Vectorworks 7.6 [doors & windows]

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