Vectorworks 7.1 [layers]

“Setting up layers”

  1. Begin by opening Vectorworks.
  2. Click on the Layers button in the view bar at the top of the page. This will open the Layers dialog box.
  3. In this dialog box, double click on the first layer and change the name to be “Sheet-FloorPlan1.” The Z Value should be 0 and the Delta Z Should also be 0.
  4. Next, click on the new layer button and create a layer called “Mod-Slab.” The Z value should be 0 and the Delta Z should also be 0 for this layer. (You can edit the Delta Z later as necessary).
  5. Finally, click on the new layer button again to create another new layer. Call this layer “Mod-Floor1” and set the Z value to 0 and the Delta Z value to the height of a typical wall on the first floor of your building. (You can create walls of any height on the layer, but establishing this height will make subsequent layers in the stack begin at that height which is convenient for multistory buildings).
  6. You can edit any of the layer properties by double clicking on the layer and editing the appropriate field or by clicking the appropriate button. An overview of some options is below:
    • Scale: Sets the scale of the objects on the layer. This can be ignored until you are ready to print.
    • Colors: Sets the default colors for the given layer including foreground and background colors.
    • Stacking Order: Controls the position of the layer relative to other layers with 1 being the topmost layer (you can think of a stack of papers, what is on top is seen first).

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