Vectorworks 7.2 [scaling images]

“Inserting and scaling an image”

  1. In your Vectorworks file, select the layer on which you wish to insert your image from the layers drop down list in the view bar. Next, select File>Import>Import Image FIle... to open the Open File dialog box.
  2. Next, browse to find your image from your flash drive and click “Open.”
  3. In the Import Image Options dialog box, you can choose the compression method to use for your image. I would recommend PNG as the compression method as you will typically get higher quality results. You can ignore referenced images unless your image is unreasonably large, though this is uncommon.
  4. Click “Ok” to import the image.
  5. Next, use the 2D selection tool to select the image.
  6. Navigate to Modify>Scale Objects...
  7. The Scale Objects dialog box will appear. Select “Symmetric By Distance” and click the button to specify the current distance.
  8. Now, navigate to the scale (hopefully) on your image (if you have no scale, you will need to know the length of an object pictured in the floor plan) and click on the starting point of an object of known length.
  9. Now click the finishing point of the same object. You will return tot he Scale Objects dialog box and the current distance will appear in the text box.
  10. Now insert the known “real” distance of the object in the “New Distance” text box. Click “Ok” to apply the scale to your image.

Download .pdf of Vectorworks 7.2 [scaling images]

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