Vectorworks 7.4 [floors]

“Creating a Floor”

  1. In your Vectorworks file, after you have built a set of walls, you can easily create a floor.
  2. Begin by selecting your walls. Navigate to AEC>Create Polys from Walls...
  3. The Create Polys from Walls dialog box will apear. Select “Gross Area Polys” to create a polygon that extends to the outside of all walls. Select “Net Area Polys” for individual polygons that fit within each room.
  4. The resulting polygon(s) will appear on top of your existing walls. Right click on the polygon and select Send>Send to Back (or just type Ctrl+B on the keyboard).
  5. Next, select the resulting polygon or polygons and navigate to AEC>Floor...
  6. In the Create Floor dialog box, you have two options. The “Bottom Z” value is the z axis height of the bottom of the floor. (If your walls begin at 0, then putting 0 as the Bottom Z will place the bottom of the floor assembly at the same level as the bottom of the walls.) The thickness value is the overall thickness of the floor assembly.
  7. After entering these values, click “Ok” and Vectorworks will create a new floor.
  8. If you would like to edit your floor after it has been created, you can choose Modify>Edit Floor.
  9. You will enter the floor editing mode where you can make changes. You can, for example, draw a rectangle where you would like to cut a hole in the floor.
  10. Next, select the “Exit Floor” button to return to normal editing.

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