This picture of me was taken this morning and is probably one of the best pictures I've ever taken or edited which is the reason why I decided to use it for this assignment. During the editing process of this photo I was trying to make the picture look more dramatic or wetter in this case so, I added a Levels adjustment layer to extract some more color for the picture so it wasn't all gloomy after that I added a Curves adjustment layer with a Luminosity Blend Mode to darken up the photo and give it that dramatic feel. Soon after adding all these adjustment layers noticed that my picture was a little too dark so I prepended adjustment layers Vibrance and Exposure to lighten up the image and add more color.

Shot with an iPHONE 7!!:)

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  1. This photo looks professional with the enhancements made. Lightening the photo made the image more clear and captured more of the dramatic feel that you were trying to capture. Additionally, by making the entire image more gloomy it makes the yellow rain jacket stand out drawing more attention to you.

  2. The photo is awesome but editing it made it even better. I don’t know if it is me but after the edit the darker areas seems to have a very subtle blue color. This made the orange pop out a lot more and made the whole photo more exciting!

  3. this photo is awesome. I love the contrast! The yellow color is eye catching but if you can edit it a little bit more is way better. I can see that the original photo is not that good but you edit it the color is very good.

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