Vetements x DSNY – Akram Shah; Exercise 103 – David San Miguel

Photographer Akram Shah made sure to keep in mind some technical rules of photography, i.e. the rule of thirds, to take this image a step further. The image consists of two models with their backs turned wearing complimentary ensembles which would usually make for a rather bring photo. Yet, the logo on the back of the model on the right makes it that much more engaging with the viewer. The logo is about a third of the way up and a third of the way to the right; thus, your eyes are almost immediately drawn to it as nowhere else on the image is there any writing. It's definitely worth mentioning the juxtaposition of the textures - the soft fur and the hard, cracked concrete adds to the Tough Girl feel of the image.

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  1. The picture really captures a lot of things like you mentioned. There is also contrast between the black and white jackets. Since there are so many similarities the small differences really stand out. Like the hoodie on one girl and the jacket on the other with the focused logo.

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